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Human Antenna

A carpet made of loops from conductive thread.
By standing on it, your body acts as an antenna. The carpet picks up the radio waves, which your body receives and makes them hearable. When walking on the carpet you can tune it to a certain frequency, like the tuner of a radio.


For The Birds

Lampshades from tapioca, vegetables and wafers.
When the human does not want it anymore, he can bring it to the animal environment. The lamps can be hung to a tree and get eaten by animals

Monoknit Chair

A low-chair made from polypropylene cord. A part of the chair is heated causing the cord to shrink and harden. Because of the knit, the whole structure pulls itself together, making it more stiff. This forms the constructive shell of the chair, while the seating part stays untreated. Through the monomateriality of the chair, it is not only easy to produce, but also easy to recycle.

cord provided by Seilerei Sammt

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Stacking Nesting Tables

An expandable nesting table. The smaller tables which are contained in the bigger ones can work as additional surface, trays, drawers or stands to form a high table.


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Magnetic Curtain

A curtain which you can shape to any form. Through the incorporated structure and magnets, it stays in the shape you push and pull it to.

Note: The curtain is not in production yet. Contact me if you want to be notified once the product becomes available.

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