Human Antenna

A carpet made of loops from conductive thread.
By standing on it, your body acts as an antenna. The carpet picks up the radio waves, which your body receives and makes them hearable. When walking on the carpet you can tune it to a certain frequency, like the tuner of a radio.

A lot of what is happening around us and what we see as part of our daily life, we are only aware of through networks (TV, internet, media, mobile phones). These devices are tools that enhance our physical abilities of perception. They act in a landscape which we can’t see or feel, the electromagnetic space (radio space). The radio space is formed by invisible electrical radiation. It is emitted by every electrical object. Even our own body creates an electric field, our brain and nerves communicate through electric impulses. Nevertheless we have no sense organ which is capable of detecting this radio landscape. Our visual senses are limited only to a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The carpet acts as a medium which allows you to physically interact with the invisible radio space

The fact that the radio needs your body as an antenna shows what influence you have on this invisible landscape and the connection between body, object and space.