Magnetic Curtain

A curtain which you can shape to any form. Through the incorporated structure and magnets, it stays in the shape you push and pull it to.


The inspiration for the ‘Magnetic Curtain’ came through the book ‘Hertzian Tales’ by Anthony Dunn, which talks about the presence of electromagnetic fields, which are omnipresent and in our environment and form an independent invisible landscape.

How would a living space look, if it wasn’t structured by the visible light, as it is normally the case, but by the invisible spectrum of electromagnetic fields?

I developed materials which are formed by invisible forces or have an influence on them. I experimented with microwave radiation and magnetic fields. Iron particles dispersed in resin, exposed to a magnetic field would shape themselves along magnetic fieldlines and retain their form when hardened. This let me to the idea of constructing a shapeable textile, which retains its shape through magnetism.




Minolta DSC