Florian Kräutli

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Animal chairs

When you take off the skin of a cow, there’s the meat. When you take off the meat, you have the skeleton. My chairs are constructed like a creature:
skeleton, meat, skin. I reconstruct metal frames I found on the dump based on anatomic rules. Like an archeologist who finds a dinosaur skeleton.

The chairs: Kurt, Kauer, Kummer

DSC_3069.JPG DSC_3076.JPG DSC_3104.JPG


kurt is a luscious chair with the look and feel of an armchair, but the proportions and the inner life of a kitchen chair. It’s clearly animalic shape make it look like a toy, but the materials and the treatment is grown up.

DSC_3069.JPG DSC_3071.JPG DSC_2993.JPG DSC_2986.JPG


kauer offers seating for one or two persons. He finds its spot in the public as well in the private space. It fits in clubs as well as in offices or galeries.

DSC_3089.JPG DSC_3059.JPG DSC_3051.JPG DSC_3035.JPG


kummer is a high chair ideal for at the bar which seperates the kitchen from the living space in a modern appartment. It’s form falls between the aesthetic of the kitchen and the livingroom furniture and acts as a transition between the two.

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Is it ok to make a cow out of the skin of a cow? Handbags made from leather and fur.

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