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Store your memories

All of us have these treasures that we store somewhere in a box. Items from our childhood, findings from holidays… Every time we rediscover them, we remember the stories connected to them. Every time we clean up, we think we should finally get rid of them, throw them away.

Using 3D scanning I create digital copies of these treasures. The objects loose their materiality, but they keep their stories.With low-cost 3D printing I turn them into very personal products.

charmsbracelet02 Kopie.jpg

cupearring.jpgearingduck Kopie.jpg PICT0946.jpg PICT0915.jpg lilly Kopie.jpg shoe Kopie.jpgPICT0936.JPG PICT0913.JPG PICT0513.JPG PICT0512.JPG PICT0511.JPG


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