Store your memories

We all have these treasures that we store somewhere in a box. Items from our childhood, findings from holidays… Every time we rediscover them, we remember the stories connected to them. Every time we clean up, we think we should finally get rid of them, throw them away. Using 3D scanning I create digital copies of these treasures. The objects loose their original materiality, but they keep their stories.


The smaller objects were scanned using the David laser-scanning software, which just got released when I did this project in 2007. Photo based 3D scanning, such as the methods provided by Autodesk’s 123D, allow a wide range of objects to be scanned and ‘kept’. Below is a miniature 3D print of a house I lived in when I was studying in Eindhoven.


This booklet accompanied the project and contains visual research on the subject of dematerialisation and ownership. The binding of the books allow the reader to make a mash-up of the content and create new inspirational spreads.